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Journalists and Bloggers were Welcomed in Edirne 30 May 2018

The Thrace Development Agency's Sinan the Architect Route project initiated in 2016, was promoted in the event organized in the garden of Edirne Selimiye Mosque. Following the event, a promotional tour of the route was organized by the Thrace Development Agency for journalists and bloggers.

The promotional tour organized by the Thrace Development Agency included guests arriving from Istanbul and Izmir; bloggers, journalists, writers and photographers were able to both experience the route in person as well as the cultural and gastronomic values of Edirne. Comprised of a group of 11 bloggers and journalists, staff members of Turkey's most comprehensive tour guide 'Gezimanya,' archeology and travel culture magazine Nereye, Atlas Magazine, Magma Magazine and bloggers took part in the tour.

Giving an interview to the press in Edirne during the promotional Tour, '' writer Kemal Kaya stated that Edirne and Selimiye are among the top 10 places in Turkey that must be visited; '' writer Pinar Bulut expressed that Sinan the Architect is a much greater genius than famous Barcelonian Architect Antoni Gaudi, who has 8 works included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Coming to Edirne with the aim of promoting the Sinan the Architect route while experiencing it for himself, '' writer Kemal Kaya indicated that he has been writing about his travels and places he has travelled to on his website for 7-8 on a full-time basis; "It is my first time here in Edirne. I had previously passed its provincial borders, but it's the first time I've visited. I am always going on long journeys to visit UNESCO heritage regions all over the world, but I have only just had the chance to see one of the most valuable architectural works of art in Turkey. If there are 10 places to see in Turkey before you die, one of them is definitely Edirne and Selimiye Mosque." Stating that the Thrace Development Agency has prepared an excellent route aimed at visiting all of Sinan the Architect's works from Istanbul to Edirne, Kaya continued with "We are especially pleased and excited to be part of the journey in discovering that route. We will also be sharing our experiences in our blogs and pages. Being in Edirne is both exciting and a pleasurable experience," he said.

‘Kutubalığı.com’ writer Pinar Bulut stated that there are many countries in the world that are famous for their architectural works of art. There is Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, who is known all over the world. Sinan is a much greater genius than Gaudi, I think. Even the things he has accomplished in just one mosque demonstrates his genius in mathematics, architecture, philosophy and even trigonometry. I want Thrace to reach the top in tourism. Thrace is definitely deserving of this," she stated.

Having the opportunity to see Sinan the Architect's work in Edirne in person, the group continued on to the next stop and visited the Lüleburgaz Sokullu Külliyesi. And the final destination of the program was in Buyukcemece, Sinan the Architect's Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Bridge.

You can access documents in relation to the Thrace Development Agency's "On the Trail of Sinan the Architect: A Journey from One Capital City to Another " project initiated in 2016 from the links below:

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