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Leather Sector

Approximately 95% of the manufacturing of leather and related products in the Thrace Region is in the Çorlu area. Çorlu Leather Industrialists have been active in the region since the 1960s and since 1997, with environmentally friendly production, the Çorlu Leather Organized Industrial Zone has been contributing to the country's economy.  

A third of Turkey's raw hide processing capacity is in Çorlu Leather OIZ and approximately 3,000 people are employed.

Along with the significant contribution of these firms for the country's exports, the garment, shoes and leather accessory manufacturing firms that are heavily active in Thrace cities and especially in Istanbul are also supported in terms of raw material. In addition to this, Tekirdağ, Edirne and Kırklareli have close to 10 leather garment, shoes and leather accessory manufacturing firms and approximately 1,000 people employed.

The Leather and Leather Products sector has carried out approximately 20 million US Dollars in exports since 2017.