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Agricultural Equipments and Machinery Sector


Kalifiye Çalışan

Close to 80 agricultural equipment and machinery manufacturers that are sporadically located within the Thrace Region are mainly centered in the Hayrabolu and Malkara districts. Apart from the very few large firms in the Region which carry out a significant rate of exports, the number of employed people per manufacturer is between 1-9. The large firms in this sector within the region are carrying out a significant rate of exports and have an important place within the sector in Turkey. The high number of small-scale firms, on the other hand, are able to meet the region's and country's agricultural equipment and machinery requirements at a very high rate.

Also, the fact that there are 3 tractor manufacturers in the Region contributes a great deal to the Region's production power in this field. Along with all kinds of soil cultivation equipment and machinery and tractors, various and modern tool machineries are also produced in the region. Clustered in the Çorlu and Çerkezköy region, the metal processing and plastic industries are supporting this production as sub-industries. Approximately 650 people are employed throughout the Region and no difficulty is experienced in procuring qualified workers.