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Why Kırklareli?

The city of Kırklareli is located on the Bulgaria border, north-west of Turkey. The industrial zone, clustered on the D100 highway which includes Çorlu, a Tekirdağ district, and Lüleburgaz, part of both Çerkezköy and Kırklareli, is home to Turkey's largest firms. The manufacturing firms in the region consist of a wide range of sectors, such as food, textile, plastic, packaging, metal processing, casting, cement and glass.

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Located in the northern part of the city, on the D20 highway connecting Pinarhisar, Vize and Kirklareli center are the giants of the mining sector. Along with industrial manufacturing, oily seeds taking the lead, the region is also a gread producer in the terms of agricultural production and livestock. The city's agricultural-based industry has developed in milk products, vegetable oil facilities, meat processing facilities and flour production.


Sectoral variety makes it easy to form a value chain in the manufacturing industry, as well as playing a significant role in forming a sectoral labor pool


with its infrastructure investments complete, the Kırklareli Organized Industrial Zone is coming to the forefront with its ability to offer partial and large-scale industrial parcels.




In its 2012-2016 term international capital company investments, the city of Kırklareli attracted 496 million USD in investments and took its place amongst the top 20 cities in Turkey in this field.



A global player in the yeast sector, LeSaffre was founded in 1853 in Northern France, and as of today, it is active in 45 countries. With approximately 250 people employed in the LeSaffre Turquie Evrensekiz facility, the company is amongst the leading firms in the sector, both on a local and global scale.


Thrace Casting is a world-standard Disamatic Foundry, manufacturing ductile iron, gray and malleable cast iron goods, raw and wrought parts manufacturing for ISO/TS 16949 certified automotive, white goods, hydrolics, railways, construction and other sectors' needs. The factory is built in the vicinity of the Büyükkarıştıran on a 220 thousand meter-square area, 55,000 meter-square of which is a closed space. The total number of employees is 875, 63 of which are engineers


Its foundations laid in the year 1935, Şişecam Topluluğu is Turkey's longest-established industrial establishments. Manufacturing in sheet glass, household glassware, glass containers and chemical product groups, Şişecam Topluluğu is literally a global player with exports to 150 countries and operations in 13 countries. With its brand recognition in the global market and market share increasing steadily, Şişecam Topluluğu is aiming to take its place in the world's top three in its sector in 2020.


Zorluteks Textile is one of the leading home textile enterprises with its curtain and home textile manufacturing facilities, marketing company and world-famous brands. Zorluteks Textile's primary operations are curtain and home textile product manufacturing and marketing (bed linen, table cloths, quilts). With its high production capacity, 3,800-person production power, superior product quality, environmentally conscious approach and regard for the health of their employees and their working conditions, Zorluteks Textile is one of the most modern and largest integrated textile facilities in the world.


Zentiva, Sanofi Group's European equivalent pharmaceutical establishment, is Europe's third largest pharmaceutical company, also growing at the fastest rate. With its roots dating back to the 15th century, Zentiva is at the forefront today in modern, high-quality and accessable pharmaceutical development.


Saray Biscuits, with the power of Turquality behind it, is exporting is innovative products produced in the Kırklareli Factory to more than 110 countries; this factory is amongst the most modern and high capacity facilities in both regional countries and in Europe, using the world's latest technologies. A recognized brand since 1995, Saray reaches consumers in the biscuit, wafer, chocolate, cake, cracker and candy categories with 50 thousand tons in production per year.

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With technical fabric amongst its wide range of products manufactured in its fully integrated facilities for domestic and international markets, Akin Textile Inc. is one of Turkey's leading Technical Textile manufacturers.


With active operations in more than 130 countries, Danone carries out its fresh dairy products and long life milk production in its Luleburgaz factory. Fresh dairy desserts, probiotic yoghurt, cream yoghurt, homogenizd yoghurt, fruit fermented beverages, fruit yoghurt, UHT Milk and Flavored Milk are amongst its product range.


More than 750 members in its production, sales and marketing team, Sanset Food is heading towards becoming a global player with the brands it has taken on board.

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