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General Overview Of The Region

The TR21 Thrace Region, located in Turkey's far west and sharing a border with European Union Countries, Bulgaria and Greece, is comprised of the cities Edirne, Kirklareli and Tekirdağ. Along with the highway routes between Turkey and Europe, the fact that a significant part of the Region population is comprised of people who have migrated from Balkan countries has ensured that the Thrace Region is not only a physical, but also a cultural and social point of passage.


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The region's economy is fundamentally based on agricultural production and the manufacturing industry. While agricultural production takes place throughout the region, they are mostly concentrated in the Region's inner and eastern sections.


On the other hand, the manufacturing industry is observed to be concentrated around the D100 Highway, on the Çorlu – Çerkezköy – Lüleburgaz line. The economy in the region's north and south present a livestock, agriculture and tourism-based structure.


The region's close proximity to Istanbul and the empty and large-scale parcels of land open to industrial production in the Region and the fact that OIZs and the Free Zone offer a good infrastructure and significant financial advantages, are all grounds which ensure the increase in the Region's industrial production.


High level of Access with its Strong Highway Infrastructure

Production Centers and close proximity to Markets

Single-piece and large parcels of land convenient for investments

A passage between Europe and Asia

Bordering neighbors with Greece and Bulgaria İpsala, Pazarkule, Kapıkule, Hamzabeyli and Aziziye Border Gates

A Strong Energy Infrastructure

Important Projections

008 train 1

Edirne -Kırklareli- Tekirdağ- İstanbul High-Speed Train Project

007 highway

The Çanakkale Istanbul Highway which will strengthen the Region's Transportation Infrastructure

005 golden gate bridge

The Northern Marmara Motorway Project which also includes the Istanbul Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

004 road and tracks

TEN Projects - Trans Europe Transportation Network (Trans Europe Motorways, Trans Europe Railways)

003 transport 10

The Beğendik Village Sea Border Gate Project

002 sun umbrella

The agenda of İğneada and Kıyıköy Districts' being announced as a “Tourism Region”

 001 truck

The Big Anatolia Logistics Organization (BALO) Project which will transform Tekirdağ into the Exit Gate of Exports to Europe

The Meeting Point of Sea, Nature and Culture: Thrace

Also involving the tourism sector, the service sector's share in the Thrace Region's total added value is increasing every day and has reached 50%.

The Northern Thrace Tourism Corridor

Located on the Black Sea coast in the Northern part of the Thrace Region, Saray, Kofçaz, Vize and Demirköy districts, along with important coastal towns such as Kastro, Kıyıköy and İğneada, this area also includes forest villages.

The Southern Thrace Tourism Corridor

Includes the Saros Gulf coastline located within the Enez and Keşan borders and the Ganoslar Region located within the borders of the Şarköy district.

The Thrace Culture Corridor

Edirne, Kırklareli, Enez, Marmara Ereğlisi and Vize are the predominant areas in the region in terms of archeological tourism.

When the museums are taken into account along with the excavation sites in these settlement areas, it creates an important archeological route.

Edirne is an important culture center with its historical sites. With Selimiye Mosque and Kırkpınar Wrestling events in the UNESCP World Cultural Heritage List, Edirne comprises the main attraction in this corridor.

Types of Tourism Suitable for Investment

Echo and Agro-Tourism

Nature and Sea Tourism

Coastal Tourism

Culture Tourismi

Cave Tourism



Gastronomy Tourism

Archeology Tourism

Culture and Faith Tourism

Festival Tourism

Bird-watching Tourism