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Permit and Licensing Procedures

  • Coordinating the Permit and Licensing Procedures concerning the area of operations and authority of Public Institutions and Organizations as well as Other Administrative Operations and Transactions of Private Sector Investors from one central point of operation.
  • Ensuring the Permit and Licensing Procedures of Investors which have been directed to Relevant Institutions through the agency of YDO (Investment Support Offices) as well as Other Administrative Operations and Transactions are given Priority for Review in Relevant Institutions and Organizations.
  • Identifying the Obstacles and Problems Investors may face and Taking Necessary Action before Relevant Authorities Concerning the Solution of any Issues experienced.


Investment Incentive Procedures

  • Presenting available Government Support in Investments
  • Providing Guidance for Investors who wish to benefit from Government Support, Preparing their Application Files
  • Monitoring the Progress of Investments carried out with Government Support on-site, Reporting all Progress throughout the Investment Process.
  • Closing up of Documents whose Investment Process is Complete.


Introduction to the Business and Investment Environment

  • Organizing Domestic and International Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, and Business Trips.
  • Ensuring Participation in Organizations Focusing on Promoting Investment Environments


Analysis, Report, Strategy Operations

  • Preparing Reports Concerning the Thrace Region Investment Environment
  • Preparing Data Bases Foreign Investors will Require
  • Ensuring "Technical Support" in Areas requested by Foreign Investors
  • Preparing Sectoral Analysis Reports


Enhancing the Region's Competitive Power

  • Organizing Training Directed at Increasing the Number of Entrepreneurs
  • Forming Institutional Partnerships Directed at Increasing the Thrace Region's Competitive Power
  • Providing Support for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

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Improving the City's Investment Environment

  • Identifying the Problems Concerning the City's Business and Investment Environment and Carrying out Operations Focusing on Solving these
  • Forming Partnerships with Institutions that Play a Role in the Investment Process and Easing the Process


Inventory Operations

  • Preparing Necessary Information and Data Required for the Development of the Business and Investment Environment and to Present it to the Investor
  • Preparing Business Data Bases
  • Preparing an Inventory in Relation to the Land, Building and Facilities Suitable for Investment
  • Collecting Data in Relation to Investment Margins about Matters which Affect the Investment Decisions to be Made Concerning Factors such as Energy, Logistics, Workforce, Investment Location, etc., and Sharing these with Investors


Consultancy – Technical Help

  • Keeping Track of Public and Private Sector Financial and Technical Support Applied on Central and Local Levels and Informing Investors accordingly
  • Ensuring Investors are provided with the Information and Direction they require During and After the Investment Process
  • Providing Assistance in Obtaining the Investment Location
  • Providing Assistance in Meeting Workforce Needs
  • Providing Support as an Accommodating Facilitating Institution in Investors' Relationships with Other Institutions