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Integrated Livestock Sector



According to the 2018 SSI database, 337 businesses in the Thrace Region are active in the livestock industry and 2,556 people are employed.

When 2018 TSI (Turkish Statistical Institute) data is examined, it is evident that there is 1,032,714 tons of silage corn production and 4,645 kg/decare of yield in the Thrace Region. With 457,068 bovine and 1,012,224 ovine, the Thrace Region holds a competitive position in the livestock sector.

For livestock investments benefiting from investment incentives within the scope of the 2012/3305 numbered law, the conditions stated below are sought for:

  1. Minimum 150 bovine for milk-based bovine integrated investments.
  2. Minimum 150 bovine for meat-based bovine integrated investments.
  3. Minimum 150 bovine/period in bovine breeding integrated livestock (meet/milk-based).
  4. In poultry integrated investments, 100,000 pcs/period.
  5. 1,000 ovine/period in milk and meat-based ovine integrated investments (breeding including).