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Chemical Sector




The chemical sector is one of the sectors that has an important share in the production of the Thrace Region. There are 230 registered producers operating in the sector in the province of Tekirdağ. There are 912 engineers, 938 technicians, 576 masters, 9906 workers and 2415 administrative personnel in total. . There are 14 registered producers in the province of Kırklareli. A total of 620 people are employed in these enterprises, including 37 engineers, 21 technicians, 21  masters , 421 workers and 55 administrative staff. There are 12 registered producers in the province of Edirne. In these enterprises, 496 people, including 9 engineers, 16 technicians, 54 masters, 356 workers and 61 administrative staff, are employed.

In the Thrace Region, there are a total of 256  registered producers in the chemical industry and a total of 15916 people are employed in these enterprises. Organic, Inorganic and other various chemical products defined by the sector as of the year 2017 has exported more than 5 million USD.