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Why Edirne?

Edirne is located on the Thrace section of the Marmara Region. With the Aegean Sea in the South, Bulgaria in the north, Greece in the west, Tekirdağ in the east, it is surrounded by the cities of Kırklareli and Çanakkale. With 6,145 km of land, it has an approximate population of 411 thousand.


It was the capital of the Ottoman Empire before Istanbul, and with a city center that was witness to the Balkan wars and is a home to important historical values, Edirne also has a large rural area.


Edirne is one of the leading cities  in the world in terms of historical artifacts per square meter.

tarım çeltik süt ürünleri

As Edirne is a settlement situated on fertile soil, there is a substantial amount of agricultural production and as a result, the city's industry has mainly developed in the field of agriculture. Firms carrying out industrial manufacturing based on agriculture are concentrated in the areas of paddy, oil, milk and dairy products.

According to 2018 data, Edirne was at the top of the list in paddy production in the country, with 410,681 tons in a year; and meets Turkey's paddy needs with 44% of its total production.


Established by a family company, the Edirne Oil Industry and Trade Inc. has been holding the leading position since the 1950s in the raw oil production and oil sector. The foundations of the facility were laid in city entrance of Edirne on a 34-decare land on May 6, 1972. With the help of a sales force and dealers, approximately 22,500 tons of vegetable oil and 20,000 tons of mixed feed domestic sales is achieved annually. Oil sales abroad, on the other hand, is approximately 691 tons. There are a total of 130 people employed at Edirne Oil Industry and Trade Inc.'s Edirne facilities. Along with the considerable support provided for Thrace, especially Edirne farmers, whether it be concerning agricultural products or livestock, the small-scale industry in Edirne as well as the tradesmen of Edirne also hold an important place in the business world.

Trakya Birlik

The Thrace Oily Seed Farming and Sales Cooperatives Union, founded in 1966 by the union of Babaeski, Edirne and Lüleburgaz Oily Seed Farming and Sales Cooperatives, is also referred to as Trakya (Thrace) Union in short. Demonstrating a fast and steady growth since its establishment, Trakya Birlik first started of with 3 cooperatives; but today, active in the Marmara, Aegean and Central Anatolia Regions, this number has reached 48. Initially with 2,103 partners, this number has now risen to 59,000. Trakya Birlik supplies 30-50% of our country's annual sunflower production.

Founded in 1986, Ipekyol's first store was opened in 1989 in Rumeli Caddesi, Nişantaşı, Istanbul. Ipekyol is among the most prestigious women's ready-to-wear brands today. Ipekyol currently sells its products in seven countries including Cyprus, Northern Iraq, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. There are 142 Ipekyol stores in total in Turkey. Ipekyol will continue to develop collections for local and global markets to meet the demands of modern urban women who value quality and want to experience quality in all aspects of their life.

Boreas Energy Generation Systems Industry and Trading Inc. was founded in İstanbul in 2003 in order to carry out activities in the field of energy generation facilities. Studies were commenced in the year 2007 in line with the decision of investment in the field of renewable energy generation facilities; and 15 MW Boreas I Enez Wind Farm, the first target project, was completed and commissioned as of the year 2010. The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions since it incorporates a modern and environment-friendly technology while meeting the requirements of Turkish energy market. Boreas continues its studies in line with its objective of increasing its renewable energy-oriented investment portfolio as an active player in energy sector.

Taciroğlu continues to be a leading company in dairy products, especially cheese production and trade since 1940.  After 1962, Taciroğlu, who aims to turn cheese production into an industry made big investments and started a new era in the cheese sector by presenting it for the first time in the private packaged cheese market in 1967. The company adopted the traditional production style and presented the traditional Turkish cheese in a packaged manner to the Turkish consumer, and the brand awareness was the foreground. Taciroğlu also added Peysan, a standard quality and fabricated production in 1979, to traditional cheeses for the same purpose. The company presents its products to the market with Taciroğlu and Peysan brands. The company performs its production in a modern hygienic environment in contemporary production facilities on 31.000 m² in Edirne.

The company was founded in 1974 as an industrial foundation, and in 1996, Öztürk Yem, the locomotive company of the group was introduced. In 2005, Öztürk Yağ participated in the group by making a breakthrough that increased synergies among affiliates. The most innovative member of the group took a first step into Turkish feed industry with the help of rational, high, healthy and high quality milk production technology in 2010. Finally, in 2015, it expanded its investments by establishing a "Eurasian Feeding Farm" with the capacity of 400 bovine. Apart from these main subsidiaries, the Ukrainian and Bulgarian investments are performing successfully in subsidiary branches such as domestic and foreign raw material trade and petrol stations, which are realized in high tonnage.


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